Have the body you always wanted – and tell stubborn fat goodbye!

Weston HCG Center is proud to offer CoolSculpting® to our patients, a fully non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment to reduce fat.

Developed by prominent dermatologists Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. Rox Anderson, at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, CoolSculpting® uses cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, technology to freeze and destroy fat cells in problem areas.

CoolSculpting® gives you the body sculpting results of surgery without incisions, anesthesia or downtime. The treatment can be done in as little as one hour.

How CoolSculpting Works

Once your medical professional has determined that CoolSculpting® is the right option for you, you’ll begin a treatment program. On each visit, a technician will use a special gel pad and applicator to precisely direct cooling to the targeted areas. CoolSculpting® freezes the target area fat cells, which die and are naturally eliminated from your body. Fat cells are permanently removed, leaving your body sculpted and slimmer. In most cases, you’ll see results after the first session. It’s non-invasive, painless, and there are usually no side effects.

How to Get Started with CoolSculpting®

More than six million men and women around the globe have found success with CoolSculpting®, effectively removing unwanted fat with no surgery. The procedure is safe, effective, and cleared by the FDA to help you finally get rid of fat in areas that just won’t respond to diet or exercise. CoolSculpting® leaves you looking and feeling great and adds that extra boost of confidence.

To find out if CoolSculpting® is right for you, make a consultation appointment today at the Weston HCG Center. Our experienced medical staff will help you design a custom treatment plan that fits your goals.