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Fat & Cellulite Reduction/Body Contouring Weston


Venus Legacy – A Revolution in Medical Aesthetics


The Venus Legacy™ Body Shaping Machine, a Revolution in Medical Aesthetics

What is the Venus Legacy™?

The Venus Legacy is a body shaping machine, the first and only to be cleared by the FDA to use multi-polar radio frequency (RF) combined with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), along with a proprietary VariPulse™ technology with real-time thermal feedback. The machine creates a dense, uniform heat matrix that results in several different processes that produces collagen and burns fat.

  • Collagen synthesis and contraction: Collagen is a fibrous protein, the building block of most structures in your body, including skin, connective tissues, and ligaments. Collagen synthesis is the creation synthesis, a natural process that can slow as we age. Collagen makes skin firm, elastic, and young looking.
  • Fibroblast proliferation: Fibroblasts are cells that synthesize collagen, so a proliferation of these cells builds more protein structures.
  • Neovascularity: Neovascularization is the formation of new blood vessels.
  • Lipolysis: Lipolysis is the process of releasing stored energy – or burning fat.

The Venus Legacy™ body shaping machine effectively burns fat and reduces cellulite with a safe, pain-free treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies with each patient. During your consultation visit, your medical technician will determine the right treatment plan for your needs.

Are the treatments safe?

Radio frequency and magnetic pulse therapy are both safe treatments that have been used in treatments for years. they are safe, proven, effective technologies. Our medical staff will review your medical history, combined with your aesthetic goals, to see if Venus Legacy™ treatments are right for you.

Is there downtime after treatment?

There is absolutely no downtime with Venus Legacy™ treatments. Each session takes less than 30 minute and has no adverse side effects, so you’re able to go on with your day right after treatment.

What are the benefits?

Venus Legacy™ treatments are available for the face, neck, and body. You’ll get:

  • Body contouring in a non-invasive procedure
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Circumferential reduction
  • Tightened skin
  • Reduced stretch marks








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To see if Venus Legacy™ treatments are right for you, fill out the form below for a free consultation or make an appointment at the Weston HCG Center Click here.