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Fine Tune Those Problem Areas With CoolSculpting

Published on June 14, 2022 by

Sometimes despite the best diet and exercise program, you fall a little short of your goals for sculpting your body. Everyone has problem areas where stubborn fat just doesn’t want to let go. If you’ve been working hard to banish that last bit of bulge to no avail, it’s time to try CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting was developed by researchers at Harvard University who discovered that freezing fat cells could help to eliminate them. They used a process called cryolipolysis that freezes fat cells to kill them while other cells around them remain healthy and unharmed. Your body’s natural elimination processes then remove the fat cells from your body. This eliminates the stubborn fat from the treated area leaving it well sculpted.

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction procedure. Facilities and technicians must be certified to offer CoolSculpting services and Weston HCG staff are well trained and fully certified to offer you this safe, non-invasive option to deal with stubborn fat deposits. This award-winning procedure has been well tested with millions of satisfied clients worldwide.

You won’t have to use up vacation or sick time to have this procedure as there is no downtime following CoolSculpting treatments. There is no anesthesia required and no surgical wounds so you can resume your usual activities right away. And best of all, there are no surgical scars to deal with afterward, just a visible reduction of 20-25% of the fat cells in the treated area leaving it beautifully sculpted.

CoolSculpting is a customized procedure, so to get started you’ll first need a consultation with one of our medical professionals here at Weston HCG Center. We will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plant to sculpt all of your problem areas, with no surgery or grueling workouts are required. CoolSculpting is the final step towards the perfectly sculpted body you’ve worked so hard for. You can find us at 1654 Tower Center Circle in Weston, Florida, or give us a call at 954.888.9889. For your convenience, you can also book your consultation appointment online.

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