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Get Smoother More Radiant Skin Instantly with Dermaplaning

Published on February 15, 2022 by

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that offers an abundance of benefits. The procedure involves gently scraping your face with a medical-grade scalpel to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells as well as all hair in the treated area. The deep exfoliation that dermaplaning provides stimulates the generation of new skin cells leaving you with smoother skin with a radiant glow. Let’s explore some of the many benefits of dermaplaning to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Brightens Complexion
Dermaplaning rejuvenates your skin by eliminating dead cell buildup and encouraging the growth of new cells. Over time hyperpigmentation will decrease and skin tone will even out giving you a brighter more youthful complexion.

Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Through exfoliation, dermaplaning promotes new skin cells growth and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which give skin its elasticity. Regular treatments will help to ward off or diminish those early telltale signs of aging.

Better Absorption of Skincare Products
With dead skin buildup removed and your pores clean and open your skincare products will absorb more readily and penetrate deeper into the tissues. This means you will get better results from your skincare regimen.

Safe and Effective Hair Removal
Dermaplaning not only offers skin rejuvenation, it also offers relief from peach fuzz and excess facial hair. You’ll be surprised how much smoother your skin will appear even if you only started with fine, nearly invisible hairs. To maintain smooth, hair-free skin the treatment should be repeated every 3-4 weeks.

Easier Makeup Application
With no dead skin cells or hair in the way, your makeup will glide on with ease, and with a fresh, new canvas to adhere to, it will stay in place longer as well. You’ll be amazed how much time you’ll save on your morning routine and touch-ups throughout the day.

Minimizes Scars
While those with active acne should not have dermaplaning performed, those with scars from past breakouts can benefit from the skin renewal benefits of the treatment. As new cells replace the old cells faster, scars will fade over time minimizing their appearance.

Chemical Free and Pain-Free
Since there is no pulling or plucking hair out by the root, dermaplaning is a pain-free and relaxing experience. And best of all, it’s a chemical-free procedure with zero downtime. You can resume all your usual activities that same day.

So if you want ultra-smooth, radiant skin, contact the team of highly trained professionals at Weston HCG Center. Our goal is always to help you look and feel your best. Give us a call at 954.888.9889 or book your dermaplaning appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon at 1654 Tower Center Circle in Weston, Florida.

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