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Improve the Appearance of Stretch Marks With Microneedling

Published on February 28, 2022 by

Microneedling is a popular treatment for those who seek to improve the appearance of their skin. It’s well known for being helpful in treating a wide range of skin concerns, but it may be able to do much more than you realized. Stretch marks are a common problem that can be very stubborn to treat, that is until now. Microneedling is the one method of treating stretch marks that actually works.

What Are Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are basically a type of scar. They form when the skin rapidly changes in size, either stretched by pregnancy, a growth spurt, or weight gain. Athletes even experience stretch marks when they rapidly gain muscle mass. They can also appear during periods of rapid weight loss as the skin shrinks. These rapid size changes cause the supportive structures of the skin, collagen, and elastin to rupture. As these ruptures heal a scar is formed that we refer to as a stretch mark.

How Microneedling Can Help
Microneedling uses a special device that creates tiny controlled micro-wounds in the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. The body responds by increasing cell regeneration as well as the production of collagen and elastin. These processes resurface and fill in the scars over time causing the stretch marks to fade and your skin a more smooth and even appearance.

New Versus Old Stretch Marks
Just like other scars stretch marks start out in various shades of pink, purple, or reddish-brown. As time goes on they begin to fade to a whitish color. Why is this important? While the stretch marks are still fairly new, the healing and scarring process is not yet complete. Treatment during this time will produce the most dramatic results because the body’s healing processes are already amped up. Older stretch marks are more difficult and may take longer to treat as healing processes have already shut down. So the key to getting the best results is to seek treatment early. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Treatment times vary from person to person, but generally, most people see the best results after four to six treatments. The treatments will be scheduled about four to six weeks apart to allow time for the healing process to complete before the next treatment. In this way, your next treatment builds on the results of the last treatment giving you better results over time.

Stretch marks happen. They’re just another normal fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Microneedling at Weston HCG Center can help reduce their appearance to help you feel comfortable in your skin again. Our professional estheticians will assess the severity of your stretch marks and develop a personalized treatment plan to give you the best results. Use our convenient online booking tool to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to serving you at 1654 Tower Center Circle in Weston, Florida, call 954.888.9889.

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