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Injected Mesotherapy: The High-Tech Way to Melt Away Fat

Published on December 12, 2018 by

If you have been struggling with excess fat, cellulite, or sagging skin that just won’t go away with diet and exercise, injected mesotherapy may be the perfect solution for you. Mesotherapy combines modern technology and science with your body’s natural processes to help eliminate these issues.

Mesotherapy is the injection of specific ingredients that target fat, melting it away, improving circulation, and breaking down any damaged corrective tissue, leaving a smoother surface on the outside without visible signs of cellulite and unwanted fat.

Weston HCG’s customized formula includes a mix of FDA-approved medicines, minerals and vitamins, strategically injected into the areas that need treatment. It prevents the body from storing fat while eliminating existing fat cells, allowing the body to eliminate it through natural processes.

The procedure helps remove fat, reduces cellulite, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, tightens up loose skin, and helps recontour the body. It can be used in most areas that need smoothing, such as the abdomen, neck, legs, buttocks, and back.

Some people see improvement with the first injected mesotherapy treatment, while most people see visible results after two or three regular treatments. Your medical professional will evaluate your individual needs, your desired results, and your health lifestyle to determine the best schedule of treatments for you.

The length of the procedure varies depending on your individual needs, and there is usually no downtime before returning to your regular activities.

The first step is a consultation to see if injected mesotherapy is right for your needs. Make an appointment today at Weston HCG Center. Our medical team members will meet with you to talk about your needs and determine a treatment plan that will give you the optimal results. You can find us at 1654 Tower Center Circle in Weston, Florida or call 954.888.9889. For your convenience, you can also book your appointment on our website. We achieve surgical transformation without the surgery!

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