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Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Infections

Published on January 12, 2019 by

If you have been experiencing a nail fungus problem, don’t worry, you are not alone. About 20% of people aged 40 to 60 have nail fungus infections, and the issue is very difficult to treat. You’ve probably tried several remedies, and none have successfully cleared up the problem. Now, a new laser treatment for nail fungus may be the perfect solution for you.

The GentleMax® by Candela was previously used only for hair removal, but its lasers were also found effective for clearing fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails, and it is now cleared by the FDA for this purpose. Fungus lives under the nail but can be killed by heat. The GentleMax® allows your technician to treat fungal infections of the nail locally instead of through medications.

The procedure is safe, convenient, and painless. It only destroys the fungus, so surrounding tissues are left intact and healthy, allowing your nail to recover from the fungal infection.

The treatment involves filing down the nails to make them thin enough to penetrate the laser light, then targeting the lasers to treat the infected nails and surrounding skin. The process treats active and dormant fungus, to ensure that all the fungus is gone. In some cases, follow-up treatments may be necessary; this is not required in every case.

Following treatment, there is no recovery time. You can go about your regular activities as usual. However, keep in mind that it takes time for nails to grow, so even though the fungus is removed, your nails will take some time to return to normal. For a fully infected nail, the regrowth process can take up to a year.

Fungus does not go away on its own. Untreated nails get worse, and eventually, need to be removed. in addition, the fungus can easily spread to other nails, or even to your hair. That’s why it’s important to treat nail fungus as soon as possible, and laser nail fungus treatment with GentleMax® is an easy, pain-free, medication-free solution.

To try out laser nail fungus treatment for yourself, make an appointment today at Weston HCG Center. Our professional technicians will examine your nails and assess whether laser fungus removal is the right treatment for you. You can find us at 1654 Tower Center Circle in Weston, Florida, call 954.888.9889, or book your appointment online. We achieve surgical transformation without the surgery!

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