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Medical Facial FAQs- Your Questions Answered

Published on April 30, 2022 by

The term medical facial often brings up a lot of questions for many people. What’s the difference between a regular facial and a medical facial? Who should have a medical facial? How is a medical facial performed? Here we will answer those questions and more so that you can decide whether a medical facial is a right choice for the health of your skin.

What Is A Medical Facial and What Makes It Different?

A traditional facial is great for your skin. Anyone can get one at a salon or spa near them to brighten up their skin. A medical facial differs in that they aggressively target specific skin issues with medical-grade tools and products that are much stronger and produce more dramatic results. A medical facial typically consists of the same steps as a spa facial, but on a more intense level. A medical facial can also incorporate other treatments such as dermaplaning, LED light therapy, radiofrequency, ultrasound, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, and more. A medical facial is customized to suit your skin’s unique needs.

Who Should Get a Medical Facial?

With so many tools, products, and methods available, a medical facial can be customized to meet anyone’s needs. Whether you want to rejuvenate aging skin, repair damage, or heal acne or eczema, a medical facial may be able to provide the solution you’re looking for. Anyone who has a skin concern that they would like to treat and correct quickly and effectively without the need for surgery should consider a medical facial.

How Is a Medical Facial Performed?

A medical facial should always begin with a consultation with one of our licensed estheticians. They will evaluate your skin concerns and develop a custom skincare program. The esthetician will cleanse, steam, and exfoliate your skin just like a typical spa facial while incorporating additional medical-grade treatments chosen for your skin’s specific needs. 

What Are the Benefits?

The benefit of a medical facial is skin that immediately appears smoother, tighter, brighter, and clearer without the need for invasive procedures or surgery. The benefits are cumulative. Having regular treatments according to your esthetician’s recommendations, either monthly or quarterly will yield better and better results over time. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since medical facials are more aggressive than a typical facial you may experience some minor redness or puffiness immediately following your appointment. This will vary depending on the treatments you have had and how sensitive your skin is, and it resolves quickly to reveal your newfound glow.

If you have skin concerns that you would like to address with a medical facial, use our convenient online booking tool to schedule a consultation with a licensed esthetician at  Weston HCG Center today. We will analyze your skin and develop a custom treatment plan to help you feel confident and beautiful in the skin you are in. We look forward to serving you at 1654 Tower Center Circle in Weston, Florida, call 954.888.9889.

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