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Reduce Excess Skin with Fibroblasting

Published on January 14, 2020 by

Many of us look at our lives and ourselves as a whole at the beginning of a new year. We want to consider what we can do better and even how we can look and feel better in the year to come. Maybe you’re noticing areas are beginning to sag a bit or there are a few more wrinkles than you’d like. If you’re looking for a non-surgical procedure to help improve a specific area then you might consider fibroblasting.

What is Fibroblasting?
Fibroblasting is a non-invasive procedure that uses a plasma pen to reduce excess skin. It’s low risk and has minimal downtime, unlike a surgical procedure that may target your problem area. It’s a great option for eyes, tummy, neck and so much more.

Is it Painful?
It’s a non-invasive treatment that has a minimal amount of pain. The area to be treated is numbed prior to starting but depending on the area being treated, one may feel mild discomfort but not typically pain.

What are the side effects?
Fibroblast is a safe treatment with minimal side effects but there are a few you should be aware of. The treatment area may be red for 7-14 days after treatment and some may experience some swelling which will generally only last 3-4 days. You will also notice a small crust that forms, these look like polka dots, and you should let them naturally fall off in 4-5 days. In very rare cases there may be a minor change in skin pigmentation.

How Long Does it Last?
As with any cosmetic medical procedure, this is not entirely permanent because we can’t stop natural aging but it’s not something that’s going to fade in a few weeks. It should last for quite some time overall.

Ready to look younger today? Let one of our professional estheticians help you with fibroblast today. Schedule your consultation at Weston HCG Center today. You can find us at 1654 Tower Center Circle in Weston, Florida or give us a call at 954.888.9889. For your convenience, you can also book your consultation online.

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