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Client Reviews

Reviews are submitted by patients of Weston HCG Center .

This plan is incredibly doable and surprisingly easy to follow with the guidance of the staff. I expected it to be just another disappointing diet experience to add to my very long list of failed efforts. I was very pleasantly surprised how well it really works.

“I was very pleasantly surprised how well it really works”

If you want to loose weight, this must be the right place to be. I gained 20 pounds the last two years, tried everything to loose weight but nothing worked until i decide to join the HCG Center of Weston.

I dropped 30 pounds and what i like about this program is that not only you loose fat but you learn to eat the right way.

The facilities are excellent and the personnel is very professional and will help you to keep you on track. They do take care of you even when you are finished with the cycle. I finished a few months ago and i haven’t gained any weight because i keep eating right the most of the time.

I definitely do reccommend this place if you really want to loose weight, is the only thing that worked for me. I am really thankful to the Doctor and its personnel!

“I am really thankful to the Doctor and its personnel!”

Best weight loss plan I’ve found and believe me I’ve tried them all. The staff is so friendly and supportive. Success is the only option.

“Success is the only option.”

Hi I want to start off by saying this is one of the greatest diets I have ever tried. When I was in high school I used to work out then go to the gym to lose weight little by little. So time went by I became a chef and I gain some weight and ended up weighing 272 pounds. So I started the HCG diet that was recommended by my wife and in the matter of 2 months and a half I got to being a total of 185 pounds so I lost in total 87 pounds I highly recommend it to everyone I have said many times before and nothing has worked as sizes and healthier and teaches you the right way and eating

“I lost in total 87 pounds I highly recommend it to everyone”

Dropped 25 pounds in 30 days. I would rate them more than 5 stars if possible. The staff is very professional and the best thing is that they are always there and make sure I stayed on track every day even if it was not an appointment day. They really care and that makes a huge difference. Another very important thing is that I was not hungry during the 30 days. Everything is explained in a way I could understand and it was not hard to follow…at all. I just finished the first 30 day cycle and I will be starting the next cycle after the maintenance phase. Yes, there is a maintenance period to make sure you don’t gain the weight back. I would recommend this center to anyone and it doesn’t matter if you have just 20 pounds to lose or 200 pounds to lose. They make it easy to stick to the protocol.

” I would recommend this center to anyone”

My experience here at the Hcg of weston deserves more than five stars.I love this diet I have tried several diets and none have worked,this one is easy and I lost 18 pound in 31 days.The doctor and the staff are very friendly and have great service.There food service is good to and it is delicious and convenient if you have a busy life

“Very friendly and have great service”

Love Dr. Leda and Valentina… Great support throughout and after… Very helpful and pleasant!

“Very helpful and pleasant!”

Best weight loss plan I’ve found and believe me I’ve tried them all. The staff is so friendly and supportive. Success is the only option.

“Success is the only option.”

If there is a place you need to successfully lose weight is the Weston HCG center. It is a journey guided by Dr. Di Mecco. In my case, I lost more than 60 pounds in 2 rounds and I ‘ve been able to maintain it off for more than 2 months now. The key to your success, apart from your commitment, it is the guidance and continuous monitoring from Dr Di Mecco. She will keep you motivated, informed and more importantly you will feel that there is someone taking care of you. I have no regrets!!! …so you would not either. I highly recommend Weston HCG Center and their professional team.

“I have no regrets!!!”

The process of loosing weight and inches are simply unbelievable, tried many things nothing worked, this is like a miracle come true. Moreover, you are not just a patient to be handled in 10 minutes get the next one, double booking or we dont care about bedside manners which is so common when it comes to m.d. s in this country, but not in this center. They handle you taking their time with each patient like you are their only patient, not only physical support most important emotional support is very important for them which makes you wanna go to your appointments with joy. Words are not enough to explain how good establishment this is , people are wonderful and amazing, therefore please try yourself the miracle experience…Thank you Dr. Di Meco, Anna and all the precious people there…

“People are wonderful and amazing”