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Intimate Lightening Weston

Intimate Lightening

Intimate lightening treatments provide gentle brightening and improved pigmentation to delicate intimate areas like underarms, knees and elbows, and genital and anal regions.

Hormones, aging, and other reasons can cause troublesome discoloration or darkening in these intimate areas for both men and women. Intimate lightening treatments at the Weston HCG Center offer a quick, effective solution, improving pigmentation, rejuvenating, and brightening these delicate areas. Your comfort and privacy are always assured with our experienced, professional med spa technicians.

Intimate Bleaching

How long will my treatments take? 

Our intimate lightening treatments take about 30 minutes, and there is no post-treatment downtime. The products we use have only proven active ingredients that lighten and care for your skin in these delicate intimate areas.

In most cases, we recommend a series of four treatments about three to four weeks apart, in addition to home care products as recommended for your individual needs. Your Weston HCG Center treatment coordinator will create a customized treatment plan for you, designed to achieve optimum results for your skincare goals.

How much does intimate lightening cost?

Vaginal Lightening

Single treatment $149
Package of 3 treatments $399
Package of 6 treatments $649

Anal Lightening

   Single treatment $149
Package of 3 treatments $399
Package of 6 treatments $649

Combination Vaginal and Anal Lightening

Single treatment $279
Package of 3 treatments $649
Package of 6 treatments $999

Underarm lightening

Single treatment $149
Package of 3 treatments $399
Package of 6 treatments $649

Inner Thigh Lightening

Single treatment $149
Package of 3 treatments $399
Package of 6 treatments $649

Although you may see significant improvement with one session, we recommend packages of multiple treatments for best results.

What is the process for intimate lightening treatments?

The first step is scheduling a consultation appointment by clicking here or on the Book Now button anywhere on our website. 

At your consultation appointment, your skincare needs will be evaluated by a discreet, professional med spa technician, who will create a treatment plan for you. For best results, we recommend our skincare kit for use before your appointment, and if you are female, your treatment appointment will be scheduled on a date when you’re not menstruating. Your med spa technician will give you instructions on the best way to prepare for your upcoming procedure.

On the day of your treatment appointment, wear loose-fitting clothing with no underwear. Your procedure will be administered by one of our well-trained, professional med spa technicians in a relaxing, calm, clean environment, with a cooler used to ensure your comfort. You can expect to feel slight tingling sensation during the treatment. You’ll have time to rest and rejuvenate before your treatment session is concluded, and you’ll be given aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results. Treatments normally last about 20 to 30 minutes.

What can I expect after treatment?

You will likely experience light to moderate peeling, depending on the type of treatment you received. You’ll schedule a second treatment three to four weeks after your first treatment, and you may need to use a lightening kit at home between treatments, depending on your individual needs. Kits help prepare the treated area before the procedure for best results and to help the lightening process between treatments. 

To find out if intimate lightening treatments will work for your skincare goals, request your free, discreet consultation appointment by completing the form below, or click here to schedule your appointment.