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    PRP Hair Loss Therapy


Any type of hair loss can be a hit to your ego and self-image. Today, there are many new scientific advances in the area of alopecia, or hair loss, that have led to some great treatment options.

One of the most effective procedures for treating hair loss is PRP or platlet rich plasma. Althought it’s been used for several decades in the fields of oral surgery, neurosurgery, and sports medicine, it’s only recently been recognized as being an effective treatment for hair loss.

PRP therapy takes advantage of the body’s remarkable healing abilities and has quickly become one of the most effective, scientifically proven hair loss treatments.

PRP is a formulated serum created by utilizing your own blood. The serum is filled with a concentration of platelets, which is a vital healing component found in the blood. Platelets contain proteins, cytokines, and growth factors that help your body recover from wounds and repair damage to the body.


PRP therapy is effective for both men and women’s hair loss. Platelet-rich plasma is capable of hair regrowth for all types of hair loss and thinning, including alopecia and eyebrow hypotrichosis. Those who will benefit from this treatment are people who seek a non-surgical treatment and suffer from non-hereditary hair loss. This can be used as a stand-alone procedure to stimulate new hair growth, or it can be accomplished in combination with a hair transplant to help with full hair recovery.


Collecting the platelets is very simple. Our technician will collect your blood – similar to having a routine blood draw done at your doctor’s office. Once the blood is collected, it’s placed in a sterile FDA-approved container specially designed to process platelets, growth factors, and stem cells. The components in your blood are separated by spinning in a centrifuge, concentrating the platelets. The PRP, which contain an abundance of growth factors and stem cells, can then be applied to the scalp in the areas of hair loss. The scalp will be stimulated before the procedure to accelerate the healing process. No anesthesia is required; however, we can numb the area if the patient prefers. During the PRP application, a very fine micro needling roller is used to pierce the epidermis to stimulate collagen production. It also aids in infusing the PRP into the area and increasing its effectiveness.


There is minimal pain with this procedure. In most instances, patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours. Pain can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications. Minor forehead swelling can be experienced for a few hours after the procedure, but this is normal and will reduce within 48 hours. Before you leave, our technician will give you a list of vigorous activities to avoid. Hair washing can be resumed immediately after the procedure.


The amount of treatments depends on your personal situation. PRP is not intended to last forever in the human body, so treatments may need to continue to repair the damaged skin cells and hair follicles. Typically, treatments every three to four months show the best results for many patients. When you come in for your personal consultation, our professionals can give you a customized treatment plan.