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A Permanent Solution for Unwanted Hair- Laser Hair Removal

Published on June 28, 2022 by

Everyone wants smooth, hairless skin, especially in the summer when you bear more skin. The problem is that typical hair removal methods like shaving, bleaching, removal creams, and waxing all leave something to be desired. Those methods need to be

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Medical Facial FAQs- Your Questions Answered

Published on April 30, 2022 by

The term medical facial often brings up a lot of questions for many people. What’s the difference between a regular facial and a medical facial? Who should have a medical facial? How is a medical facial performed? Here we will

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Tighten Skin and Smooth Away Cellulite With Profound

Published on March 31, 2022 by

When it comes to cellulite treatment options have always been very limited and effective options that don’t involve a surgical procedure are virtually nonexistent. There are numerous creams on the market that promise amazing results, but none live up to

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Now is the Time to Try BOTOX® for Yourself

Published on January 17, 2022 by

January 2022 is well underway, and you’re probably still sticking to those New Year’s resolutions – whether they be for weight loss, more exercise, healthier eating, and more. But did you include any resolutions about making the time to restore

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Get Soft, Healthy Skin with Medical-Grade Peels

Published on November 15, 2021 by

Whether you have dry, flaky skin or are fighting skin issues like acne breakouts or sun damage, the right professional facial treatments can help. Our Weston HCG Center medical-grade peels are designed to treat some of your most bothersome skincare

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Effective Tattoo Removal with the PicoWay® System

Published on October 31, 2021 by

Have a tattoo of an ex you’d like to remove? Maybe you had a last-minute tattoo that you now regret. Or, maybe there’s a tattoo that didn’t come out quite the way you would have liked it. We all have

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Laser Hair Removal for Smooth Summer Skin

Published on June 30, 2021 by

Tired of fighting the stubble? Shaving with razors can be a hassle because it seems like you constantly need a touch-up as the stubble reappears. Thankfully, modern science has given us a new way to remove unwanted body hair: laser

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