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Dermaplaning Weston



Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing procedure that improves the skin’s appearance by removing the top layers through a method of controlled scraping of the skin. This treatment helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, uneven texture, and provides a healthier more radiant complexion. Dermaplaning is typically done immediately before a chemical peel and allows the peel to work more effectively. By removing the outer layer of dead skin, the peel may be applied more evenly for a more dramatic result. It has been used with medical skin care for the past two decades.

Dermaplaning can be used on small areas of the skin or on the entire face and also removes vellous hair “peach fuzz ” which traps excess dirt and oil without growing back thicker. It improves scarring and smooths out small facial wrinkles leaving the skin refreshed, polished and glowing without visible irritation. Dermaplaning increases product penetration and can be done monthly!

What is it

With an instrument that resembles a butter knife, this treatment very effectively exfoliates away dead skin cells and intensifies your results prior to a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or BBL. Dermaplaning also removes unwanted facial hair without the pain and irritation of facial waxing or depilatories.

face2What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

  • Helps exfoliate skin with broken capillaries
  • Offers better results than traditional microdermabrasion
  • Little downtime
  • Skin is only slightly red and puffy after the treatment
  • Can temporarily remove fine, downy hair with ease
  • Performed just like shaving
  • Can be performed with a chemical peel

Is Dermaplaning right for me?

If you have dull, dry, dehydrated and/or congested skin it is often because you have a surface barrier of dead cells that are not allowing topical products to penetrate. At the same time, impurities are trapped and underlying new cells are unable to surface. Once your skin is dermaplaned, it accelerates and aids in the sloughing off of the dead skin, that barrier is removed and the skin begins to respond to the skin products being used. Also, it is able to expel the impurities from within creating a healthier and revitalized skin. Dermaplaning may also be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars. By skimming away the surrounding skin, the noticeable difference between the area levels is evened out.

How many treatment do I need?

Treatments only take about 30 minutes and regular treatments are scheduled about 3-4 weeks appart. Blading the skin actually removes about 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells.

Won’t the hairs on the face grow back thicker?

No. The hair on the face is called vellous hairs and it is physiologically impossible to grow back thicker. There are two types of hair that grow on our bodies: Vellous (tiny translucent blonde hair) and Terminal (thicker hair that grows under the arms, pubic area, eye brows, mustache and beard for men and legs). Vellous hair when cut or removed will grow back the same. The structure of the hair does not become damaged, therefore it is impossible to alter. Terminal hair is physiologically coarse. When Terminal hair is cut, it grows back the same way…coarse


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