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Medical-grade facials are a targeted facial; meaning they consist of essentially the same foundation as a traditional (spa) facial with the added benefit of utilizing high potency products. A medical grade facial compared to a relaxing facial is an enhanced strength, more aggressive treatment designed to directly address correcting skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, textural irregularities, wrinkles, and even adult acne. It is the difference between simply brightening a lack luster skin (Spa facial) and specifically employing agents to combat brown patches and pigmentation (Medical facial).

Medical-grade facials may include multiple modalities to treat skin including chemical peels and dermaplaning to enhance product penetration rather than very superficial enzyme exfoliation as typically offered in a Spa facial.

Our Licensed Aesthetician, Maria Beatriz Segovia, MOE., CME., will begin with a thorough consultation to assess your skincare concerns and goals. Following this complimentary analysis, a customized skin care program to achieve results and improve your skin’s overall health and appearance will be created.


Basic facial “to go and glo”

Price $65

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, suitable mask, toner, moisturize and sun protector

Deep cleaning therapy

Price $95

This is a tradition facial using medical grade product specific to your skin’s needs. Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, ultrasound scrubber, extraction, LED light therapy, Gel mask, toner, moisturize and sun protector.


  • Micro-peel $40
  • Microdermabrasion $40
  • Peel-off mask $30
  • Cleopatra mask (gold 24k leaf) $40
  • Snow mask (24k sterling silver leaf) $40
  • Vitamins/Mesotherapy $40
  • Lymphatic Drainage $30

The Royal Diamond / Rejuvenation Therapy

Price $149

This is a customized facial using target therapy to address your specific skin’s needs. The goal is to Smooth and moisturize your skin with vitamins and diamond point microdermabrasion and soft peel.

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, ultrasound scrubber, toner, micro-peel, oxygen with mesotherapy/vitamins, peel-off mask, moisturize and sun protector.


  • Lymphatic Drainage $30
  • Cleopatra mask (gold 24k leaf) $40
  • Snow mask (24k sterling silver leaf) $40

The Intensive Glowing Hydrating

Price $149

This facial focuses on hydrating your parched skin to restore the moisture balance to your skin. It will visibly plump your skin smoothing out fine lines. You will feel the moisture serum go deep into your skin nourishing those parched spots. This facial is recommended for dry, moisture depleted skin.

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, ultrasound scrubber, Peruvic Peel, lactipeel , LED light therapy, Hyaluronic Acid Mask Gel mask, toner, moisturize and sun protector.


  • Radio Frequency $40
  • Microdermabrasion $40
  • Peel-off mask $30
  • Cleopatra mask (gold 24k leaf) $40
  • Snow mask (24k sterling silver leaf) $40


Anti-acne/ spot corrector Therapy

Price $149

INCLUDES: Cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extraction, ultrasound scrubber, RX anti-acne treatment peel or RX spot corrector treatment peel, peel-off mask, LED light therapy, moisturizing and sun protector.

PERFECT FOR: open pores, hyper pigmentation, melasma, discoloration, photo and Chrono ageing, and acne scaring amongst many more concern, application, mask, hydrating and Sun Protector.

These peels act selectively and effectively on all types of pigmentations, even in vascular melasma in which erythema and telangiectases are present within the blemish. Lighten Brown spots and even skin tone favor the cell turnover process, control the production of sebum, and reduce wrinkles.

Rejuvenating Facial / Anti-aging THERAPY

Price $149

This treatment helps to visibly reduce facial lines, relax facial tension and diminish wrinkles. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, ultrasound scrubber, extraction, micro-peel, LED light therapy, peel-off mask, meso nano vitamins, Venus RF treatment, moisturize and sun protector.

Face Lift Fx™ Therapy

Price $149

Reduction in lines and wrinkles, increased skin tightening and new blood vessel growth and increase collagen and elastin fibers, which results in tighter, smoother skin.

Sterling Silver / Dermaplaning Power Regeneration treatment

Price $179

Includes cleansing, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic scrubber, micro peel, dermaplaning, sterling silver mask, moisturize and sun protector.

The procedure involves the use of a 10-inch scalpel, which curves into a sharp point. Improvement in skin texture and tone, while the long-term effects are increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair.


Price $259

Add you neck & submental $79 | Add Hands $79 | Add Platelet Rich Plasma $99

Includes: Basic cleansing, exfoliation, Ultrasound Scrubber, microdermabrasion, oxygen Therapy, Microneedle + mesothery, peel-off mask, moisturize and sun protector

Micro needling is a new medical-grade procedure available through Medical Practices. Utilizing Collagen Induction therapy, regenerating and stimulating skin collagen production to restore your skins plumpness and elasticity. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, aging skin, giving a dull complexion to reveal a more youthful and fuller skin.

Choose mesotherapy or a cocktail for your special needs

Hyarulonic Acid | Vitamin C | Grow factor | DNA Recovery | Nano Meso Cocktail | Stretch Mark | Hair Loss

How often should I get facials?

It is ideal for patients to get facials once every month because that is how long skin regeneration usually takes. Otherwise, it is recommended to get facials at least four times in a year to keep your skin looking beautiful. If you are new to facials, or if you are trying to clear up a skin condition, you may need to visit your aesthetician more frequently in the beginning and then gradually taper down to the recommended number of sessions.


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